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If you have questions for us, please reach out and contact us today. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you. I had quite a few relights trying to smoke this stuff. However I received the least amount of tongue bite smoking this out of these three tobaccos.

BURN EXPERIENCEThis is the true downfall of the Captain Black Blends. However I’ve not had a bowl yet of any of these tobaccos without having captain black tobacco to nurse a burnt tongue for a day or two. On top of that both the Original and Red required numerous relights to coax the fire along.

The Gold if anything burned too well, which added to the tongue bite I’m sure. Soft vanilla, fruity, salt, with a light vinegar. I can’t chacom tobacco pipes tell if the nip on my tongue is pepper from the Virginia or tongue bite. It sweetens up with more salt and a strong lemon zest.

The added humectant means you can keep this out for several weeks before you need to be concerned about this drying out excessively.

It’s a slow smoke that’s easy to pack, stays lit for a long time and has an alluring aroma. Captain Black Regular Pipe Tobacco produces a nostalgic and classic pouch aroma and room note that will take you back to simpler times. Unlike some other aromatic tobaccos, this Captain Black Regular Pipe Tobacco stays lit for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about constant relights. It has a sweet vanilla flavor that isn’t overpowering and resembles a roasted marshmallow.