Cooler Throw Down: Does Ozark Trail Stack up with Yeti and Pelican?

Camp out at the top overnight, catching a glimpse of a full sky of stars if it’s clear. After Middle Fork, head into the 29-mile Karkaghne section, which mixes sweeping wetland prairies and ridge-lined valley views through the Sutton Bluff Recreation Area. Keep an eye out for a short spur trail between Sutton Bluff campground and Highway TT which leads to Grasshopper Hollow, the largest fen (peat-forming wetland) in non-glaciated North America. Not the best choice for long trips or hikers who need to carry a large amount of gear. Choose this pack if you prefer a smaller yet spacious design, as it has useful features and the durability of larger options. While this pack won’t work for everyone, it’s a practical size for day trips, light travelers, and kids.

Hug your tee shot as close to that bunker as possible for the best approach into the green. A miss left of the green will create a challenging up-and-down. Favor the right side on your tee shot as bunkers protect the left side of the fairway on this par 4.

This downhill par 3 features a heart-shaped green with plenty of trouble on all sides. A flowing creek off to the right feeds into a large pond to the ozark trail canopy left of the green with additional cascading falls and a bunker beyond the hole. This par 4 angles to the right beyond the right-side fairway bunker.

With this in mind, we’ve chosen the Black Diamond Wiz headlamp as our pick for kids. Rainbow lights make this kids headlamp fun to play with during camping trips or backyard adventures. Two center-line bunkers in the fairway split the hole between the low left side and the high right side. Staying left gives you a shorter distance to the hole, but the right side of the fairway gives you an elevated look to the green without having to carry the greenside bunkers on your approach. Don’t get distracted by the waterfalls in the background!

They didn’t hurt my shoulders as I carried the bag around with me. When my bag got wet from a few rides, it easily and quickly dried because of its thin material, I really liked that. The bag has one large compartment and then a smaller one on the front/side.

Welcome all and thank you for joining us on this journey to provide you, the customer, quality products at low prices. We are ThriftyKing LLC and we offer the best prices on the internet. Our company started in the fall of 2022 when our founders Brittney & D’Andre Ruth decided it was time to do something great, not only for their child but for you as well. I don’t make it a habit of buying my gear from Walmart, but this was a excellent purchase.

The Spot 400 has an IPX water-resistance rating of 8, which means it will work submerged in up to 1.1 meters of water for up to 30 minutes. We dropped the light into a shallow bucket of water and it continued to shine, even in the water. Do keep in mind that this degree of water protection is intended mostly for accidental exposure, not intentional underwater adventures. When we removed the Spot from the bucket, the battery casing was filled with moisture.

The Wiz has just 30 lumens, but with two AAA batteries, those 30 lumens last a long time. The light automatically turns off every two hours, just in case the kiddos forget. This meant that during our 12-hour battery test, we had to keep turning the Wiz back on every two hours. But by the end of the test, it was still going strong—for far longer, in total, than Black Diamond’s advertised run time of five hours on high. Sure, headlamps are a practical purchase, but they can also be a fun gadget for kids to play with at the campsite or during backyard adventures. The kids we know use them mostly while pretending to be red-eyed monsters or rainbow unicorns, and who are we to judge?

This eye-catching peninsula green requires a solid iron shot to stay dry. The putting surface is sloped with a high central mound feeding the ball away from the center of the green. Enjoy the views as you take the cart bridge across the lake. A brute on the scorecard, but this long par 3 plays drastically downhill.

If you’re searching east of the Rockies for stunning scenery, technical terrain, and a long hike option sans the AT crowds, this is your pick. Along the way you’ll cross paths with fewer people than you can count on two hands—just keep an eye out for mountain bikers and horseback riders who frequent the multi-use sections of the trail. Size is perfect for day trips, smaller individuals, and teens. Great for hiking in warm weather, thanks to the breathable construction, mesh straps, and hydration bladder hook up. While this pack may not be big enough to carry all the gear you need for longer treks, it offers many of the features you would want at a good price. It was the perfect size bag to hold water bottles and a few other important things in it.